FAQ: July 30, 2020 / NEW DEVELOPMENT !!!!!

FAQ: July 30, 2020


This communiqué is for parents of members and members of the Shidokan Judo Club.


Parents and members have many questions about the status of the Shidokan. Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have additional enquiries, please email them to Shidokan@bellnet.ca




Is the Shidokan open?


The Shidokan made a proposal to La Ville de Montréal to reopen the Dojo by offering ‘Physical Fitness’ sessions to all categories of members. A short video respecting Santé Publique guidelines was made by Judo Québec and shows the important parameters to follow. 




On July 29, La Ville de Montréal accepted the proposal (made by Sensei, Vincent Marticotte and Anton Dickson Gardener).

Starting today, the club will prepare the Dojo to receive members that wish to participate in the Physical Fitness program. We expect the Dojo to offer this program within 1 or 2 weeks.


Consult the Shidokan web site and Facebook for an update.



Shidokan members paid for the winter / spring 2020 session, but not all courses were given. What’s going to happen?


Shidokan will offer all members a choice for canceled lessons.




  1. A. When the Shidokan reopens, members that paid, and have a positive variance, will be offered a credit against future courses. The amount of $ credit is dependent on the

how much the member paid.


  1. Members can ask for a refund (Please send email to Shidokan@bellnet.ca) for the amount paid, less a small administration fee.


  1. Members can donate to the Shidokan Judo Club the positive variance and Shidokan will ask Judo Québec for a tax receipt.


  1. If members owe money to the Shidokan for courses prior to March 13, 2020. They will be asked to make a payment to normalize their membership status.


**Membership fees include non-refundable Judo Québec registration, Judo Canada registration, insurance and Shidokan’s administration.



When will Shidokan reopen for REGULAR Judo?


The decision to reopen the Dojo for ‘Regular Judo’ will be made by l’Institut National de Santé Publique du Québec and la Ville de Montréal. (Premier François Legault, Dr Horacio Arruda, and Mayor Valérie Plante).


As the statistics on new Covid-19 cases improve, the government will continue a gradual deconfinement. We have just received (July 29) approval for Phase 2 allowing indoor physical fitness training under specific conditions.


It is still too early to predict when the Dojo will reopen for ‘Regular Judo’, Santé Publique stated that combat sports will gradually return to normal one step at a time.



Will traditional judo lessons be allowed in September?


Traditional ‘Regular judo’ training with contact and randori is not expected to reopen in September. l’institut National de Santé Publique du Québec will advise authorization to reopen approximately 1 month before the date.


Return to the practice of ‘Regular judo’ will be authorized in gradual stages. The deconfinement plan has 4 phases. We are now in Phase 2.


In consultation with the International Judo Federations, Judo Canada and le ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES), Judo Québec published a complete guide on each of the 4 phases. It is available on the Judo Québec and Shidokan websites.


Each phase of deconfinement will be synchronized with the authorization of La Santé Publique.

It is important to recognize that when the Dojo reopens, there will be a gradual return to “normal” judo practice.




Assuming that in September 2020, we will still be in phase 2 of the deconfinement schedule. The Dojo will organize training sessions respecting the distance of 2 meters (with mask) without physical contact. Dojo members will benefit from this training combining physical and technical form that can be practiced solo. This will prepare members for phases 3 and 4.


In phase 3, participants must wear a mask and will be limited to a training partner and respect distancing of 2 meters (vis-à-vis the other groups on the tatami mat). At phase 4, participants will be able to resume normal judo training.


For more information, please consult: Guide for gradual return to Judo training duringCovid-19 Pandemic 



The Shidokan Judo Club will respect all measures to ensure the safety of members and staff.



Will there be judo summer camps this year (2020)?


In consultation with the City of Montréal, there will be no Shidokan summer day camps this year.